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One of a kind service for your event. We provide traditional restroom attendant service as well as party attendant services. 

Cleaning Service

Example Cleaning order:

Attendants from 11am-12am (attendants will perform a pre-cleaning from 11am-1:30pm)

2 more Attendants start at 2pm-12am. All 6 Attendants will rotate:

-Sweep Porta Pottys clean every 15 minutes.

-Refresh the air in each porta potty every half hour with room deodorizer.

-Check Trash Can levels every 15 minutes.

-Sweep all areas, leaving no debris in any of the areas.

-Take full trash bags to the dumpster using wagon, cart or dolly.

-Replace trash bags immediately.

-Use trash grabbers to retrieve hard to reach debris.

-Prepare and collect recycling to help reduce clients carbon footprint.

-Keep mop and bucket handy

-Towels to dry tables on each attendant

-End of the night cleaning to be performed by all attendants.

Total of 6 attendants will continue cleaning during the cleaning of the streets by professional street cleaners hired by the client.


The client has requested that all Attendant remain at the event location until the street cleaners are done.

Scheduling Your Needs

Attendants schedule
Tuesday 5/28 from 2pm-8pm
Wednesday 5/29 from 2pm-8pm
Thursday 5/30 7:30an-2pm
Friday 5/31 2pm-9pm
Saturday 6/1 2pm-9pm
Sunday 6/2 7:30am-2pm
Monday 6/3, 7:30am-2pm
Tuesday 6/4, 7:30am-2pm
Wednesday 6/5, 7:30am-2pm
Thursday 6/6, .
Friday 6/7, 
Saturday 6/8, 
Sunday 6/9, 7:30-2pm
Monday 6/10, 7:30-2pm
Tuesday 6/11, 2pm-9pm
Wednesday 6/12, 2pm-9pm
Thursday 6/13,
Friday 6/14, 2pm-8pm
Saturday 6/15, 2pm-8pm

Hours of Operation

Monday: All day

Tuesday: Open for business

Wednesday: Not closed yet

Thursday: 24 hours

Friday: Still going strong

Saturday: We never close

Sunday: Yep, still here! 

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​

"I am very impressed by the service Host Friendly provided for my family. They have been very dependable over the years. I used them for my son's prom party and his Eagle Scout ceremony. I have to say Host Friendly set my mind at ease. I did not have to lift a finger. My guests were highly impressed as well. "

Corlis Lewis

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